Government Services

Empowerment of organizations by leveraging accurate, compliant, and real-time data is the cornerstone of IDOS. Compliance and audit trail are built into every aspect of our business, products, and services, making IDOS a partner of choice for companies and organizations that expend and manage public funds.

Our Services

  • IDOS services are focused on enabling our clients, irrespective of their size or geographic location, to reduce turnaround time and increase efficiency in their business development and program implementation.
  • IDOS provides risk management services through setting up financial, accounting and contract management processes, helping clients to design robust project management and reporting tools, standard operating procedures and workflows.
  • IDOS services include analysis and management of large quantities of current and historical financial and accounting data to produce required operational and actionable reports, helping make day-to-day operations and oversight much more effective and efficient.

Our Team

IDOS team brings to its clients a vast experience in global audit & consulting, accounting and financial management, software development and implementation,  contracts and grants management, financial and contractual risk mitigation, business development, and overall cradle-to-grave project management. Our sectors of experience include: economic development, international trade, infrastructure, construction, agriculture and food security, logistics and workforce development.

Our Commitment

High quality timely services delivered by outstanding professionals.  

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