Digital Transformation Services

IDOS has a portfolio of technology products which empower organizations to manage their financial and commercial operations, using either SaaS (off-the-shelf) solutions or customizable modules which can be integrated with existing technology solutions of the organization.

Our Services

We provide digital transformation services under consulting mode, whereby we not only develop and deploy the technology solutions, but we even help the organization to implement the solution, operate the solution for a pre-defined period, and then transition the solution and its operations to the organization and its staff in a seamless BOT manner (Build – Operate – Transfer). This process ensures that the solution that we deploy for the organization actually works and fulfills the organization’s objectives.

Our Approach

At IDOS we begin the digital transformation process by helping the organizations to evaluate their current technology landscape, in terms of processes/functions which are technology enabled and determine the effectiveness and efficiencies of these processes and identify gaps / white spaces where digital transformation would be beneficial both in terms of enhancing process efficiency and for reducing cost of operations.

IDOS does not look at the digital transformation process as something where we just need to introduce artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, or big data analytics, rather we believe that digital transformation and its benefits depend on the business objectives of the organization and its employees. We correlate the organization’s technology requirements with those solutions which are best suited to empower the organization to achieve its business objectives efficiently and with minimal cost impact. These solutions could be simple web applications which integrate with the organization’s existing technologies, or they could be customized modules which are developed specifically to automate a particular process or function in the organization.

It is possible that the organization’s technology landscape and/or business objectives do not derive major benefits through the immediate implementation of advanced capabilities built using artificial intelligence and/or machine learning and in such cases we implement solutions that enable the organization to fulfil its immediate business objectives and at the same time we ensure that the solution is capable of scaling with additional future modules built using artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics and other advanced capabilities for which IDOS has in house expertise and its proprietary portfolio of products and technology solutions.

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