Case Study

Customer Success Stories- CA

Customer Success Stories- CA

Chartered Accountants – Customer Success Stories The following information contains the customer success stories of reputed CA firms. Overview: Rajeev is the founder of a reputed CA firm catering to 50+ clients across India. His firm has been providing services

ERP for Financial Services Company

Financial Services

ERP for Financial Services Company Overview: Transition accounting and financial reporting requirements of one of the largest financial services companies from their legacy global ERP system to IDOS. Challenges: The company, a listed entity, was keen to replace its existing ERP

Professional Services

The financial platform for global professional services firms Overview: Empower accounting firms to augment their revenue, risk mitigation, and utilize existing resources to gain operational efficiencies in the accounting and managed professional services vertical. The goal was to increase the

best dealer management software

Best Dealer Management Software By IDOS

Distributor and Dealer accounting, incentive management for a large manufacturing company Overview: IDOS offered the distributor and best dealer management software and incentive management for a large manufacturing company Challenges: One of the world’s largest industrial and domestic appliance manufacturing organizations

Direct Benefit Transfer

Direct Benefit Transfer

Management of sales, inventory, and direct benefit transfer for an agrochemical company Overview: Assisting a group of agrochemical companies in enhancing operational efficiencies in the sales & collections process, accounting for Direct benefit transfer of subsidies, and facilitating better inventory

Home Appliances Manufacturer

How DigitalCFO Helped Home Appliances Manufacturer

Sales & Customer accounting for a home appliances manufacturer company Overview: Enabling a leading Home Appliances Manufacturer company to manage their sales accounting process for their services business contributing 80% to their annual revenue. Challenges: A leading domestic manufacturer of home appliances

Microsoft Excel Integration

Microsoft Excel Integration by IDOS

Integration with Microsoft Excel and Mobile applications Overview: Microsoft Excel Integration is offered by IDOS to allow users to seamlessly log in to Microsoft Excel with just a single click. As Microsoft Excel, with its advanced features in data analysis, and

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