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Largest of analytics are based on data sourced from simple people. The census data of millions of people is based on simple people answering simple questions about their age, their family, income range, possessions, etc. Similarly, DigitalCFO® collates financial and business data in a simple question & answer form. With this information, the in-built workflows and AI / ML algorithms handle the entire accounting and financial management. In parallel the platform provides valuable insights that empower the organization to succeed on a sustainable basis. The manner in which data is collated and the fact that internal financial controls are in- built, makes the data highly valuable, accurate and reliable for implementing AI/ML algorithms for different functions in accounting and financial management processes and this is what makes DigitalCFO® unique and powerful in terms of its value proposition.
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Our Value

Our Mission

Empower every organization to succeed on a sustainable basis by leveraging their financial data.

Our Vision

Become the platform of choice for generation and management of accurate, reliable and compliant accounting and financial data that can be leveraged in real-time for multiple upstream value additions.

Our Culture

Eco-system that encourages collaborative growth

Our Impact.

How we help our clients achieve excellence in the accounting and financial management domains:

Our software suite can make a positive difference to banks’ risk management portfolio through enhanced credit penetration and improved underwriting capabilities. Through strategic alliances, we help banks mitigate risks, access quality borrowers with a healthy credit track record and red-flag potential exceptions.

Micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs) are the lifeline for the growth of economic activity in every Country in the world. They make significant contribution to the growth of GDP of the Country and also for employment generation. They require simple to use and seamlessly integrated technology solutions which enable them to manage day to day business activities, accounting, financial and reporting routines and in parallel empowers them with reliable data, that supports their decision making in real-time. Digitization has become a harbinger of transformation in the MSME sector with respect to how they operate their businesses in the on-line environment and how they engage with the business eco-system in which they operate. IDOS empowers MSMEs with cost effective, simple to use, highly scalable and powerful technology solution which handles their bookkeeping, accounting, financial management, reporting, compliance requirements, access to capital and augments their growth and profitability on a continuous basis.

Manufacturing companies’ engage with IDOS to improve productivity through digital transformation of supply chain process, effective vendor management, inventory management / valuation & accounting, accurate fixed assets & amortization, real-time visibility of costs vs benefits. With the adoption of DIGITALCFO® to handle the accounting and financial operations, client’s in-house teams are able to save on resources, reduce supply chain costs, spend additional time on business expansion strategies.

We introduce analytical procedures with digital process expertise to help corporates and large organizations reduce human intervention and boost revenues. IDOS enables large companies to become nimble and highly efficient with respect to their processes and operations in order to meet the challenges of the constantly changing business eco-system by enabling them to take advantage of highly scalable cloud applications built by IDOS and empowering them with blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine learning capabilities.

DIGITALCFO® is the preferred software by global corporations for all accounting and finance-related matters. Our core competence is underscored by our new-age technology solutions, strategic execution, research-intensive approach, superior quality and relevant experience.

Customer & Partner Engagement

Our deployment ranges across three broad models:

SaaS Platform

We provide organizations with an off-the-shelf bookkeeping, accounting & financial management solution which offers a great degree of flexibility in managing the constantly changing business requirements. Our software functions as your DIGITALCFO® and supports you in handling accounting through automation and empowers you with ability to prioritise critical information, access accurate & reliable reports, monitor business performance and optimise costs. Our SaaS platform empowers even the professional services firms including bookkeeping & accounting firms, Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, audit & tax firms and outsourced professional service providers who can use IDOS platform to provide high value services to their end customers in the field of accounting, financial management, process management, taxation and audit and process transactions across diverse corporate verticals towards effective change management and respond in an agile manner to the market dynamics towards sustainable growth. A collaboration with IDOS goes far beyond the transactional boundaries – contributing to continuous value-generation and brand equity.is vitae tellus non viverra vestibulum.


IDOS has vast experience in implementing enterprise-wide scalable software for clients backed by embracing industry best practices, automation techniques and leveraging upon our team of subject matter experts in accounting, finance, audit and taxation. We provide customised “last mile connectivity modules” to bridge the gap in existing processes & solutions, which could be a result of changes in business process, regulatory changes, transition to digital eco-system or combination of these and other factors. Our R&D driven approach to problem-solving enables us to deliver unique products aligned to end-user needs.

Brand Promise


To Customers

Stable, robust, simple to use accounting & financial management solution that can add value to every user. Stringent adherence to SLAs and customer support based on empathy.


To Partners

Provide technically and functionally advanced accounting & financial management software, that will be continually updated with features and capabilities which will enable the partners to compete effectively and continually gain market share.


To Employees

Provide collaborative work environment that empowers employees to continually gain knowledge and become better every day.


To Society

Promote compliance in accounting & financial management through simplification of adherence process and empower every user to reap the benefits of being compliant. Contribute in nation building by empowering MSMEs with technology platform to help them succeed in their business and consequently contribute to the GDP of the Country.


To Regulatory Authorities

Support the efforts of the regulatory authorities in financial and taxation related compliances, by empowering businesses with technology that automates compliance and makes it easy for everyone to become compliant.


To Investors

Maximize ROI without compromising on ethics & integrity and in parallel ensure transparency and accountability in running the business.

Meet Our Team

Cheruku Srikanth

Founder & CEO

Mehul Patel

Co-Founder & CTO

Alexander Reife


Advisory Board

Bhaskar Pramanik

Former Chairman, Microsoft India

Deepankar Sanwalka

Sr Partner, National Management, Grant Thornton

James Winterbotham

Director, International Advisory Partners, London

Ravi Jain

Partner Vialto Partners

Amaresh Ramaswamy

Former CFO, Microsoft India R&D

K Viswanath
K Viswanath

Managing Partner, K.P.Rao & Co

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