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DigitalCFO enables you to handle all aspects of bookkeeping, accounting, reporting and financial management through an integrated technology platform, powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. The key differentiator of DigitalCFO is its ability to leverage the financial data in real-time and empower the organisation with insights and solutions that enable it to increase its revenues, reduce cost of operations and achieve sustainable growth.

Outstanding Features

Over a dozen reusable features built to provide value added options, security, real time insightful reports.


Purposefully built insightful analytics & automation for trustworthy information


Seamless integration with forward-backward linkages to drive digital strategies


Real time reporting for sound decision making and impactful results


Enhanced visibility of accounting & financial information for real-time efficiency tracking


Secure workflow technology with robust, in-built internal controls

Value Added

Value-added options include liquidity optimization, credit access & vendor management


Powerful features across the finance and accounting spectrum​

Time Saving

Save BIG on time, efforts & costs​


Transforms traditional accounting & financial management by breaking down silos​

There is more to finance than JUST numbers

Finance is about achieving data quality, unlocking value from financial information and leaving a positive, enduring impact on stakeholders. At DigitalCFO® our goal is to help our customers connect the dots, mitigate risks and seize new growth opportunities.

Access DigitalCFO® on any medium

DigitalCFO® enables the organisation to manage their business processes across different delivery mechanisms including web, mobile, smart watch, smart TV and even the metaverse.

Why DigitalCFO®

DigitalCFO® strengthens your organizations’s performance through insightful analytics and real-time reporting to drive digital strategies. It empowers the organization with accurate data to unlock gains across the enterprise value chain, including Customers, suppliers, service providers, auditors, lenders, business owners, shareholders, business managers and its employees.

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The Award-winning accounting & financial software trusted by the global accounting firms, industry leaders, Fortune 100 companies and Professional service providers.

Ramesh Partner

Very constructive and nifty software for handling accounts

"The best part is, you need not be accounting expert to work over this. The training that the company provided will make you a skilled account professional. Another major advantage is its web-based usage which eliminates the need for installation."

Sriram Partner

Superior in terms of features and value when compared to Tally

I have been using IDOS for the last 8 months and have been amazed by the level of automation this software provides. I was referred to IDOS by some of my CA colleagues who said that IDOS is new in the market but is superior in terms of features and value when compared to Tally.

Vinesh Customer

One of the best and easiest system

As an owner of a CA firm, I was hoping for a solution that would allow me to propose suitable financial strategies for my clients and improve their finances, in a short period of time.

Omkar Customer

Excellent customization and good mobile accessibility

Heading the finance department of an MNC, I always depend on Idos-generated data for making proper financial decisions. The one-of-a-kind Business Intelligence Solution helps me to make feasible financial strategies and direct my organizations towards its pre-determined objectives.

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