The IDOS Product Family

In a world where finance professionals are overwhelmed with voluminous data, we help our clients ‘separate the wheat from the chaff ’.
Our focus is on substance over form with adherence to the highest standards of accuracy and credibility.

How we help our clients achieve excellence in the accounting and financial management domains:

1. Accounting
The power driving prudent business decisions
From the basic bookkeeping stage to the end accounting process, IDOS delivers data accuracy with reduced turnaround time to help you derive actionable data for sound decisions. Finance managers, accountants, CFOs, auditors rely on IDOS’ best accounting practices to guide their strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

2. Tax and compliance
Arm yourself with knowledge that grows and protects business reputation:
IDOS’ tax and compliance products provide valuable, timely information for business
enterprises to stay up to date with the changing regulatory framework.

Tax and compliance modules
GSTVATWithholding tax / TDSTax accountingTax provisionsTax payment alertsTax calendar

3. Internal controls
Build the organisation’s inner strength from within
IDOS’ in-built internal audit function ensures real-time monitoring and provides
assurance on the adequacy of risk management practices and internal controls.

Internal control modules

4. Financial management
Profit from efficiency
IDOS tracks comprehensive financial parameters and helps understand key
performance indicators. This essential business intelligence helps business
enterprises uncover growth opportunities and leverage upon dynamic scenarios.

Financial management modules

5. Operations
Augment synergies from streamlined, interconnected processes
IDOS recognises that the success of synchronised efforts by cross-functional teams
requires an efficient operations bedrock. We help business entities drive effective
collaboration, ensure continued optimal performance for end-users and develop a distinct competitive edge.

Operations modules

6.Data analytics and financial reporting
Unlock successful business outcomes
IDOS offers an unparalleled degree of deep-dive analysis and accurate financial
statements that contributes towards brand-building and strategic planning.

Data analytics and financial reporting modules

7.Unique functionalities
Access specialised analysis, data and networks
IDOS laser-focused approach on data quality enables business enterprises to
connect the operational aspect with the value proposition and proactively engage
with stakeholders.

Unique Modules

In-build Extensions

We combine in-depth finance expertise with strong accounting skills to present integrated software solutions, boost financial performance, enhance decision making, save costs and help customers realize a competitive advantage in complex business scenarios.

How we help our clients achieve excellence in the accounting and financial management domains:

1. Online lending
DIGITAL CFO has in-built, automated platform capabilities to enable business enterprises to apply for business loans and obtain loan sanctions through direct linkages with loan portfolios of banking partners.


2. Customer Engagement
IDOS customer engagement capability extends to digital sales order management, e-invoicing, digital bill discounting, receivables balance confirmation and multiple reporting and analytics capabilities. IDOS comes in-built with customer portal which digitally connects the Company with its customers in real-time for managing entire sales life cycle and even extends into digital invoice discounting.


3. Vendor Engagement
IDOS vendor engagement capability automates the supply chain, vendor and spend management processes, including management of bill of material, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, goods received notes, vendor invoices and payments. IDOS comes in-built with customer portal which digitally connects the Company with its vendors in real-time for managing entire procurement life cycle and empowers the Company to implement highly automated and intelligent e-procurement process.


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