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Financial platform for global professional services firms

Overview: Empower accounting firms to augment their revenue, risk mitigation and utilise existing resources to gain operational efficiencies in the accounting and managed services vertical. The goal was to increase the output yield per employee.

Challenges: Amidst intense competition, escalating compliance risks and technology disruptions, accounting firms are exploring additional revenue channels through digitally secure platforms.

IDOS Soultion: IDOS’ secure technology provides accounting, taxation and financial advisory software, in compliance with internal business protocols of global consulting firms. Further, IDOS offers specific versions of the platform to audit and accounting services providers under in-house branding (white label engagement) or a co-branding arrangement.

Results: Accounting firms have benefitted by way of access to world-class software, which further opens up avenues for cross-selling to their end- clients. The IDOS Platform has multiple monetisation opportunities besides license fee, which is shared with the audit firms to augment their revenue base without assuming any additional risk.

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