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Direct Benefit Transfer

Management of sales, inventory and direct benefit transfer for an agrochemical company

Overview: Assisting a group of agrochemical companies in enhancing operational efficiencies in sales & collections process, accounting of Direct benefit transfer of subsidies and facilitating better inventory management.

Challenges: A large agrochemical group was looking for a technology solution to help them in reducing turnaround time in inventory reconciliation, sales collections and help introduce operational efficiency in the direct benefit transfer process towards optimal working capital management. Their existing ERP lacked the required agility to facilitate last-mile engagement at the point of sale from the retailer to the end-customer.

IDOS Solution: IDOS provided a web-based application and a mobile app, which collated data from the ERP and provided relevant data to the IDOS developed mobile app. This helped the field staff and sales representatives to ascertain inventory and receivables position at the retailers’ end in the respective geography. The mobile app included geotagging capabilities that identified dealers locations where the sales staff visited and also alerted them to visit those retailers where receivables were overdue.

Results: Thus, it was possible to identify dealers, physically verify inventory and record in the mobile app, which in turn updated the inventory position in the ERP in real-time. All of this helped the company achieve operational efficiency, reduce receivables turnaround time and helped the company in better working capital management.

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